Frackin Dick Cheney Doesn't Care How You Make Money! Get Rich Like Him!

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Dick Cheney’s Big Fracking Mess, or  How not to protect our drinking water: Prohibit the EPA from regulating new mining technologies

Dick Cheney's "Elvis-lip" smile
Ba-ba-ba-baby Let Me Be Your Frackin Teddy Bear
Hey! Any of you older oil workers remember Old Yeller. Well, here's a song about a dog almost as good as Old Yeller. But he's a rich dog.

Dick Cheney! That old Dick Cheney! 

The worst gol-durn mess-maker in the nation!
Dick Cheney knows cash don't come easy
So he's makin' it easy for you to get!

Politicians who supported the industry had tried for years to exempt fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act, the 1974 law that regulates the injection of waste and chemicals underground. The EPA’s 2004 study was used to justify that effort. With the help of then-Vice President Dick Cheney — the former head of Halliburton — President George W. Bush’s landmark energy legislation, the 2005 Energy Policy Act, included a provision that prohibited the EPA from regulating fracking under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Regulation would be left to the states, many of which had underfunded agencies, looser standards and less manpower than the federal government.

As a native Detroiter, I see the western North Dakota boom as just another nail in the coffin of my American hometown, the "Motor City"--once upon a time, a bona fide industrial boomtown.  But times change, and the post-millennial boom of Williston is a scaled-down version of good times, consisting of a cadre of hard-drinking workingmen willing to undertake the rugged work and ridiculous living conditions that are part and parcel to fracking up the oil in North Dakota--an environmentally questionable method of extraction, at best, just for a buttload of extra pocket money among a handful of workers--and billions for corporate interests.  It looks like another trick of the global hegemony to me.  It certainly hasn't had much effect on the price of gasoline, and I understand that people in the fracking areas don't need to buy lighter fluid anymore.  They just use tap water instead.

Farsighted wealth has been diversifying out-of-country anyway, like rats from a sinking ship.  So I guess it doesn't matter much to Uncle Dick and his friends that some of the Williston locals are not too happy.  So what if the tap water will burn like a candle! There are jobs to be had. BIG$$$$$$$. Check the listings at jobs link